The Circle of Seven


Forgedawn is a land in the north of EIlora, led by the Wonderful Lady Carstine, the Eternal Defender of Forgedawn and daughter of Lord Elben. There have been several attacks on Forgedawn in her time, but none of late. Forgedawn has never lost a battle, and the people of Forgedawn are very proud of that.
The land is rich in population, and has many different peoples, yet everyone seems to get along. The center of Forgedawn is the Capital, where Lady Carstine resides. There are homes in the capital amongst the bustling markets and other buildings. There are many rural cities outside of the capital. As you go outward from the capital, more and more trees erupt amongst the buildings, until eventually, there is mostly wood. There are a few huts among the wood where hermits and the general nature-loving people reside as well.

The Tale of Eilora that Was

As a child, most everyone in Eilora is told the tale of the old world, when all of the lands were but one, and all of the people lived and rejoiced in harmony. Back then, they say, the lands were ruled by a powerful wizard. He was known as Lord Elben. They say Lord Elben had seven sons (and daughters). When the time had come for Lord Elben to meet his Deity in the great skies, he had told his children to unite and rule as one. They called them the Circle of Seven. Not long after his passing (some say weeks even), Lord Elben’s children began to fight over how things should be ruled, and who was better at ruling than others. They say that Elben’s children fought with such great magiks that Eilora split into seven different lands, and all of the waters of the great sea rushed between them, as if the water gods were afraid of what would happen should these seven ever meet again.


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