The Circle of Seven


Forgedawn is a land in the north of EIlora, led by the Wonderful Lady Carstine, the Eternal Defender of Forgedawn and daughter of Lord Elben. There have been several attacks on Forgedawn in her time, but none of late. Forgedawn has never lost a battle, and the people of Forgedawn are very proud of that.
The land is rich in population, and has many different peoples, yet everyone seems to get along. The center of Forgedawn is the Capital, where Lady Carstine resides. There are homes in the capital amongst the bustling markets and other buildings. There are many rural cities outside of the capital. As you go outward from the capital, more and more trees erupt amongst the buildings, until eventually, there is mostly wood. There are a few huts among the wood where hermits and the general nature-loving people reside as well.



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